Let the Ocean Take Me

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Rachelle, 19, music lover, concert goer, photographer, vans, tattooed. Obsessed with the Amity Affliction. Recently moved to Colorado. Inquiries/advice? email me afteracollapse@hotmail.com
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Just because we lost our baby doesn’t mean that I don’t already know how amazing of a father you’re going to be when we do have kids. We already shared so much love for our baby even though we never got to hold it, never got to kiss it, never got to see who’s eyes it would have or which features it would take from each of us but we did love our baby with all of our hearts and we will always. You are all around the greatest man that I know and I’m lucky enough to call you mine. I love you so much, happy Father’s Day and I’m sorry that this isn’t the way it should be.

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