Let the Ocean Take Me

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Rachelle, 19, music lover, concert goer, photographer, vans, tattooed. Obsessed with the Amity Affliction. Recently moved to Colorado. Inquiries/advice? email me afteracollapse@hotmail.com
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Every Time I Die by Nathan Congleton

Hands Like Houses (by alexblear)
She’s sensitive, too. Takes to hurt the way water takes to paper. Junot Diaz, This is How You Lose Her (via girlplatano)

Neck Deep (by Cian Marangos)
Life Update.

Kind of, not really. I’m really fucking upset that I’m not at Riot Fest watching Bring Me the Horizon right now, and that I didnt see La Dispute last night, and all the other fucking amazing bands that are on the line up..but, there isn’t any bands that I haven’t seen that I’m dying to see that are going. Not saying I don’t want to be there, but I couldn’t take the time off of work. In other news, I found my car that I’m getting today and got a Buyers Order filled out and I’m already pre approved for a loan so it should be mine this week. I’m really excited and proud of myself because I’m 19 with a fucking baller ass credit score and I work my ass off. My name got mentioned in a executive meeting at work apparently, so that’s good. Yeah. In the news of shows..Im going to see Real Friends/Neck Deep/Have Mercy/Etc next month on the 30th..PTV and Beartooth 3 days before my 20th birthday..so the show is Dec. 11th. And yeah, Amity again maybe. Whats up with you guys? Sorry I’ve not been on much lately, I’ve been working so much. I’ll be on as much as I can, including for a while tonight so talk to me.


La Dispute by Slabéczi Tamás on Flickr.

Losing Teeth, Neck Deep

Handguns (by Christina Jakubek)