Let the Ocean Take Me

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Rachelle, 19, music lover, concert goer, photographer, vans, tattooed. Obsessed with the Amity Affliction. Recently moved to Colorado. Inquiries/advice? email me afteracollapse@hotmail.com
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Oli Sykes | Bring Me The Horizon

Greatest Generation Tour

The Story So Far by Matt Vogel on Flickr.
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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell // Chelsea Grin

The Story So Far- Face Value

Parkway Drive by Jannik Holdt on Flickr.
As a small community, we have seen far too much loss. We have lost these six beautiful angels in the past 2 and a half years all from the same graduating class of 2011. Sadly it’s been through loss that this community has shown what it’s made of when we come together for one another. I’ve seen anger, hatred, all kinds of things put aside through these situations and hopefully it won’t take that anymore. Life is so fragile and filled with so many good things and good people. Always be careful with whatever you do and always, always love the people you have as if it was their last day. RIP Maddie Healey, Mike Ruggieri, Jordy Nonnenmacher, Jeff Laflamme, Jon Laplume and Nick Gershkoff.

Of Mice & Men