Let the Ocean Take Me

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Rachelle, 19, music lover, concert goer, photographer, vans, tattooed. Obsessed with the Amity Affliction. Recently moved to Colorado. Inquiries/advice? email me afteracollapse@hotmail.com
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hey thanks for deleting my caption and replacing it with that thing!

Michael Bohn, Tyler Carter | Issues | Warped Tour, 2013 | Atlanta, GA

The Amity Affliction

Ben Barlow of Neck Deep by Adam Elmakias

ISSUES by MacKenzie Richmond on Flickr.
I've been following you for prob a couple years now and never see you post anything bad about any other bloggers. Any bloggers you can't stand?

No, you’ll never see me post anything like that. If I don’t like a blog or something that someone says or does, I will just unfollow. I’ve seen way too much of the bullying and shit talking and trying to turn people against others and I don’t believe in it. I really like to see the good in people and would never want to be the reason that someone is upset or anything like that. It’s hard to say what I mean.

So you were the first person on my dash and I just really need to talk to someone right now. I'm really depressed and I made a post about how sad I've been recently and when I went back to my dash I saw that one of my close friends were online and when I refreshed it they weren't reblogging stuff anymore. It's been like 20 mins and I know for a fact that they probably saw my post and didn't want to deal with me so they logged out. I'm always there for them but whenever I'm upset they ignore me.

I’m sorry you’re upset, maybe they didn’t see it. There’s no way to know for sure, you know? But what I find is that you’ll find friends who will worry and care about you and those are the ones you should keep around, not ones who will ignore when you are sad. It may take time to find those people but when you do you’ll be glad.


La Dispute - Sad Prayers for Guilty bodies 

Issues // Stingray Affliction




yesterday i was depressed and my boyfriend told me this 

If someone said this to me i would cry from happiness

Awww 😍😪

I used to get texts like this 😍😖 so cute